Joining the lab

We are looking for motivated researchers interested in designing novel cameras and algorithms. If your interests and shared values align, see below for how to join us!

Prospective PhD students

PhD applications are typically due in December. If you’d like to work with me, apply directly to the CS department and mention my name in your application. Cornell does PhD admissions via committee, so I look forward to talking to you after you are admitted!

The PhD program is fully funded (check out an estimate of the CS stipends vs. cost of living in Ithaca here), but I also recommend all PhD students to apply to graduate fellowships since this will give you more flexibility throughout your PhD. For domestic students, the most common fellowships are the NSF GRFP and the NDSEG. For a broader list of fellowships, please see Cornell's page on graduate fellowships and this curated list of CS fellowships.

Prospective Postdocs

Excellent postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to email me with the subject line including the words "Prospective Postdoc" to discuss current openings. In your email please include:

I encourage you to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship and am happy to work with you on this.

Current Cornell students

Cornell PhD students: Send me an email and we can set up a time to chat!
Cornell undergraduate students: I will be looking for undergraduate students to work with starting in Fall 2024. Check back in summer 2024 for more information.

Shared Values

As a group we value: